A space for cisgender women* and people with vulvas, of all sexual orientations.

The aim is to consciously explore one’s representations and beliefs, one’s relationship to one’s body, sexuality, emotions and sensations.

Learn to listen to yourself, name your desires and limits, observe your emotional movements and dare to feel free to be who you are.



Women’s workshops

The workshops are group meetings with a variety of formats and themes, where the body and listening to feelings are at the heart of the practice. These are places where we can open up new areas of consciousness, discover the sensitivity of the body and explore subtle energies. In these different encounters, where time is given over to bodily expression, meditation, touch, movement and sharing between women*, the body is recognised as the breath of being.

A range of courses are available, including

  • Anatomy and poetics of pleasure
  • Desire and eroticism
  • The power of the senses
  • Sensory plays

Kashmirian tantric massage

Kashmiri tantric massage, also known as the yoga of touch, is a practice linked to the non-dualistic tradition of Kashmiri Shivaism.

It is a full-body massage that invites deep sensory listening. This approach to the body awakens new areas of awareness and sensitivity. It invites you to explore a new relationship with your body and emotions, and to give breath an important place.

In Kashmiri tantric massage, the posture of the person touching is very important. It involves an intense, meditative, calm and vacant bodily presence. It requires a regular meditation practice that enables the practitioner to listen throughout the massage. When sitting, the body floats in space, helping the person being touched to relax. There are no particular intentions or objectives. There is only listening to the moment and to the body being touched. And then there is the breath, the deep breathing, spread out in space. The extended breath of the person doing the touching will gradually allow the person being touched to settle into their own breath. Tantric Kashmiri massage aims to give each person back the feeling of unity in their own body.

The session lasts 1H30 and costs 250Frs.

An initial meeting, in the form of a one-hour session (120Frs.), is a prerequisite before making an appointment for a massage.

Birth preparation

The birth preparation offered here puts the emphasis on listening and feeling the body. The sessions guide you through the different stages of your pregnancy and your specific needs. They enable you to become aware of your sensations and emotions and to connect with your body and your baby. They help you gain confidence in yourself and in your ability to give birth, and support you in your plans to bring your baby into the world.

  • Practise breathing techniques
  • Practise movements conducive to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Connecting with your body and pelvis
  • Become aware of and prepare your perineum
  • Work on your voice and explore body sounds
  • Identify and express emotions related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Learn to use techniques to manage stress and fears
  • Practise prenatal yoga

Other tailor-made workshops can be organised on request