Women workshops

Women workshops propose collective meetings in different forms between cisgender women.

The notion of woman is associated with many cultural and individual representations; thus the corporal and cognitive experience of the feminine can be very varied. These workshops propose to consciously explore the representations of the feminine, its sexuality as well as its relationship to the body, emotions and sensations.

It is about learning to listen to oneself, to name one’s desires and limits, to observe one’s emotional movements and sexual scenarios.


To create an intimate link with oneself, to free oneself from one’s defence mechanisms in order to be freer and to live more authentic relationships, in connection with who one is deeply. The orientation of these women workshops is in line with the non-dualist tantric tradition of Kashmiri shivaism. The approach proposes updated explorations of contemporary society by also associating different psycho-corporal practices. These workshops are succinctly defined by a space given to sensory listening and the observation of its psychological and emotional modes of functioning.

The body and listening to feelings are at the heart of the practice. This approach allows to open new spaces of consciousness, to discover the sensitivity of the body and to explore subtle energies. In these different encounters, where time is given to body expression, meditation, touch, movement, sharing between women, the body is recognized as the breath of the being.

A cycle of three workshops is organized each year:

Women workshop I: Awakening to sensuality and exploration of pleasure

This workshop offers you to listen to your body, to discover its fluidity and its movements. To inhabit it more, to make it fully alive and become aware of your pelvis and perineum.

Women workshop II: Awakening to vital energy and organic explorations

This workshop offers you to know and recognize your sex, to explore your power and sensitivity, to listen to the organic vibrations of your body in movement.

Women workshop III: Awakening to Energetic Orgasm and Tactile Explorations

This workshop offers you the opportunity to meet your different sexual energies, to explore the non-doing, body resonances and subtle movements.

Other tailor-made workshops can be organised on request


Next Women workshops (given in french)

Women Workshop I takes place from November 6 to 8, 2020. Telephone interview required before registration.

Women workshop II will take place from June 6 to 7, 2020. Open to women who have completed Workshop I.

Women workshop III will take place from October 3 to 4, 2020. Open to women who have completed Workshop II.


Other tailor-made english workshops can be organised on request.


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