Birth preparation


The preparation for birth proposed here gives all the place to listening and body feeling.

The sessions accompany you during the different stages of your pregnancy and its specific needs. They allow you to become aware of your sensations, your emotions and to connect with your body and your child. They help you to gain confidence in yourself and your ability to give birth and support you in your project of giving birth. It is a question of accompanying you as you are in your own aspirations and questions.



The individual sessions for birth preparation offer you:

  • Training in breathing techniques
  • Practicing pregnancy and childbirth movements
  • Connecting to your body and your pelvis
  • Become aware and prepare your perineum
  • Work on your voice and explore body sounds
  • Identifying and expressing emotions related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Learn how to use techniques to manage stress and fears
  • Prenatal Yoga

The private sessions are entirely adapted to your needs and offer you a space to discuss your questions. It is also an opportunity to exchange stories, hear different testimonies and lend you documents related to the birth (books and dvd’s). It is also an opportunity to network with the perinatal community.

By clicking on the button below, you will find a link to listen to a sound creation around childbirth (it’s in french, obviously not translated). The body that knows of Vanessa Langer and Caroline Parietti (Hors-champ, les Obliques and Le labo, Espace 2 RTS) is a sound experience that immerses you in a sensory experience of birth. Without sight, sounds take another place and allow you to immerse yourself in listening and sensations.

Le corps qui sait

Terms and conditions

The individual session lasts at least 60 minutes and costs 120Frs./hour.

Sessions not canceled within 48 hours (working days) are due.

To make an appointment, please call me on 076 561 04 40

Sessions are also available Online, via skype or zoom.


Collective workshops

The perineum and movement workshop as well as the women workshop I are open to pregnant women. They allow you to experience pregnancy in a different way and are very good practical preparations for childbirth.


Forthcoming workshops