Emotional therapy


Emotional therapy is intended for people who wish to do reflexive work, learning to integrate their bodies and their emotions. This accompaniment aims in particular to build a greater emotional tolerance, in exemple the ability to stay in the moment with the emotion that is there by letting it express itself through sensations.

Emotions, named and experienced as such, are in reality a cognitive interpretation made from sensations. Feeling sad is first of all a sensory emotional state. It is then translated by the mind, which feeds sadness.


The individual sessions allow us to learn to distinguish sensations from mental constructions. Then, different techniques allow to increase one’s self-regulation capacities and thus calm down one’s nervous system. The emotional therapy is therefore aimed at all people in search of inner tranquillity and also at people with specific problems. It is particularly beneficial for managing anxiety, excessive excitability, hyperactivity, feelings of helplessness and discouragement or chronic pain, digestive problems, excessive fatigue, sleep disorders, etc.

Individual sessions allow you to:

  • Identify your emotions through a cognitive and physical approach
  • Explore emotional memories
  • Awareness of different forms of identifications
  • Develop your ability to feel your emotions
  • Increase your possibilities for emotional expression
  • Integrate multiple aspects of self
  • Expand your reflexivity

This emotional therapy allows you to develop a subtle listening to yourself and to learn how to relate to your feelings. It gives a central place to sensations and thus modifies our perception of the world. Relational dynamics, for example, are perceived differently when they are experienced from integrated emotions. This approach enriches our sensory listening, refines our gaze, questions our representations, increases our instincts and boosts our personal capacity for action. It embodies and empowers you. It allows you to go to the heart of yourself and learn to love yourself as you are, without changing anything.


The individual session lasts at least 60 minutes and costs 120Frs./hour.

Sessions not canceled within 48 hours (working days) are due.

To make an appointment, please call me on 076 561 04 40


Sessions are also available Online, via skype or zoom.