Psychosexual somatic approach

The psychosexual somatic approach is particularly relevant to our current Western societies. Contemporary sexuality is associated with many values, beliefs and cultural representations and is still largely influenced by powerful gender stereotypes, performance pressure and the goal of orgasm. Today, sexual practices tend to be individualized and seen as an important part of self-construction. It is a space where its intimate functioning is revealed as well as the relationship with one’s own body and with the body of the other.

This sex-positive and inclusive approach proposes a space given to sensory listening and awareness of its psychological and emotional functioning. It is a question of deepening the knowledge of oneself. Sexuality is approached in this perspective, as a field of exploration. To bear witness to what is experienced, felt in the body, experienced as emotions and to the cognitive links that can be created from what the body expresses. To learn to observe what psycho-corporal behaviours and beliefs are manifested in its intimacy and eroticisation modes.

This psychosexual somatic approach aims on the one hand to support each person’s capacity to encorporate his or her experiences, to be able to live and feel through the body its sexuality and its relational dynamics. This includes learning how to set limits and name needs, which are expressed in and through the body. On the other hand, it supports everyone in their personal capacity for action, developing self-esteem, reflexivity and critical awareness. This allows each person to make his or her own choices consciously and not (no longer) by default.

My accompaniment is composed of a mix of different practices and trainings (tantric Kashmirian yoga, psycho-sexual somatics® therapy, clinical sexology, meditation, neo-tantra, slow sex, perineum and movement, the wheel of consent, the work, etc.), impregnated with my anthropological viewpoint and everything that continues to inspire me.