Tantric massage


Tantric massage, also known as kashmirian massage, is a practice related to the non-dualist tradition of Kashmiri Shivaism.

It is a massage that includes the whole body and invites deep sensory listening.

This approach to the body awakens new spaces of consciousness and sensitivity. It invites to explore a new relationship to the body and emotions and to give an important place to the breath.



In the tantric massage cashmirian, the posture of the person touching is very important. It passes by an intense, meditative, calm and vacant body presence. It requires a practice of regular meditation which enables him or her to be in the listening throughout the massage. In the sitting position, his or her body floats in space and thus helps the affected person to relax. There are no particular intentions or objectives. There is only the listening of the moment and of the touched body. And then there is the breath, the breathing, deep, spread out in space. The unfolded breath of the one who touches will gradually allow the touched person to settle in his own breath. The tantric massage Kashmiri aims at giving back to each one the feeling of unity in his own body. Often, one has a dismembered body, scattered and it is a question there of gathering it.

The massage will bring this softness, this presence, this connection, this absence of difference between one part of the body and the other, so that the whole body is felt as a unity. No longer making the distinction or comparison between one part of the body and another. Exploring this intense and whole presence to one’s own body brings a lot of pleasure. It is a pleasure that depends on nothing and is enriched by the practice of listening.

Through touch, presence, breath and consciousness we experience non-duality.


Tantric massage only for women

The session lasts 1H45 and costs 250Frs.


A first meeting, in the form of a one-hour session (120Frs.), is a prerequisite before making an appointment for a massage.


Sessions not canceled within 48 hours (working days) are due, regardless of the reason for cancellation.


To take an appointment, please contact me  076 561 04 40

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