Individual and couple sex therapy sessions

Sex therapy sessions are intended for individuals or couples of any sexual orientation. They are intended for people wishing to develop a conscious sexuality, closer to their feelings and free of limiting conditioning. They are also intended for people with specific problems, such as pain during intercourse, desire/pleasure disorder, sexual addiction, relationship problems, etc…

The sessions support you in your needs through a psychosexual somatic approach.

  • Awareness of your sexual corporeal patterns
  • Work around beliefs about sexuality (body, pleasure, desire, orgasm, etc.)
  • Discharge of trauma related to one’s sexuality
  • Identify your emotions, let them unfold and dissolve
  • Discover your sensual and sexual resources
  • Find out more about slow and tantric sex
  • Work on sounds
  • Reappropriation of bodily sensitivity
  • Sensory awakening of the pelvis and perineum
  • Subtle work on sexual energy

The process takes place in the body and in the present, and focuses on empowering people. They are encouraged to discover their ways of functioning, their defence systems and their ability to connect with their resources.  All of these elements are manifested not only in the sexuality of each person but also in their daily behaviours. Fundamentally, this approach helps people to develop their reflexive capacities and their ability to listen to their bodies. This way, it supports also increased access to and ability to embody and express sexual energy, life force (Eros).

Alternating verbalization, listening to feelings and body work, this approach gives plenty of room for spontaneity in body and emotional language.

The psycho-somatic therapy, that I propose, is an integrative sex therapy, associating body and mind in a non-dual perspective. It aims to support intimate bonds with oneself and in one’s relationships with others. This therapy  is a synthesis inspired by different schools of knowledge: various schools of thoughts in psychology, somatic experiencing® (trauma therapy), neuroscience, psycho-somatic therapies, energy psychology (EFT), clinical sexology and studies around consciousness.


The individual session lasts either 1H15 or 1H30 and cost 160Frs. (75min.) and 190Frs. (90min.)

The couple session lasts either 1H15 or 1H30 and cost 190Frs. (75min.) and 230Frs. (90min.)

Sessions not canceled within 48 hours (working days) are due.

To make an appointment, please call me on 076 561 04 40

Sessions are also available Online, via skype or zoom.

In case of financial difficulties, let’s take time to talk about it and find an arrangement.