Vanessa Langer offers a deep and subtle approach to the body, emotions and sexuality through sensory listening.

On the yoga mat, in the women’s workshops, the various proposals in movement and in individual sessions, the feeling is at the heart of the explorations. In each of these practices, it finds the same non-dual orientation in these different forms and expressions.

Years of training in several areas have given him to see the body and being from various angles.


  • Master of Anthropology
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Clinical Sexology at the University of Geneva
  • Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (
  • Member of the committee of the Swiss Society of Sexology
  • Psycho-somatic approach: biodynamic psychology therapy and The Work of Byron Katie
  • Kashmiri Yoga with Eric Baret since 2010
  • Kashmiri Yoga with Daniel Odier since 2016
  • Vinyasa Yoga 200 hours Training with Gérard Arnaud and Inspya Yoga 200 hours Training with Lance Schuler
  • Certificate of applied anatomy with Blandine Calais Germain (perineum, abdominals, moving while giving birth)
  • Neo-Tantra: Sudheer Roche, Diana Richardson, Marisa Ortolan et Jacques Lucas
  • Continuous training in danse: contemporary,  gaga, open floor, 5 rythmes, bodymind centering
  • Training in film, ECAL: directing films and sound creations –

The experience of motherhood and home birth also enriched and refined her perceptions.

Her constant research, theoretical, artistic, therapeutic and sensory, around the body, socio-cultural conditioning, sexuality and emotions, gives rise today to a practice crossed by these different perspectives.

Deeply touched by the non-dual tantric orientation, as transmitted by Eric Baret in Kashmir yoga, his daily life was steeped in this tradition, which constantly questions his perception of the world.

Now, Vanessa Langer offers an empirical approach, in resonance with what she is in the moment.