workshops related to sexuality


In Lausanne, Switzerland and elsewhere, workshops related to sexuality are offered throughout the year. These courses aim to develop self-awareness and question one’s way of seeing sexuality.

It is a question of enriching one’s listening to the body and observing how it functions; getting in touch with one’s sensations and emotions, questioning one’s representations and beliefs.

The approach is based on the non-dual tantric tradition, associated with different contemporary psycho-sexo-somatic practices.


The explorations are based on consent, a theme worked from the perspective of the wheel of consent (Betty Martin). These encounters are also an opportunity for sharing and exchange, fostered by the intimacy of small groups. They explore different practices of relaxation, movement, meditation and touch.

These workshops are sex-postive, meaning that they are open to different forms of sexuality and participants are welcomed without distinction of gender or sexual orientation.

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Perineum workshops in Lausanne

Through a sensory and anatomical approach, this workshop, intended for both men and women, offers subtle practices to recognize in depth the different muscles of the perineum.

The perineum is directly involved in its sexual life. Learning to feel this region of the body and refining one’s perineal awareness leads to the development of new sensations in one’s sexuality.

These courses can also be taken individually or integrated into a psycho-sexo-somatic private sessions.

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Private lessons and personalized workshops

Private lessons offer you a privileged space where your needs can be listened to by adapting the appropriate practice. Workshops related to sexuality on request are also available for an already formed group or an institution. The workshop format can be adapted as required.